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For those who remember the original posts about getting my new glasses, you'll recall that it was a very seamless and hassle free process. I still believe that.

If you want new glasses.

Goggles4U was the site I chose because they were the absolute cheapest. They had the frames I wanted and the recommendations came very high. Their service was excellent and the glasses were very nice.

The glasses broke last week.

While playing basketball, I was hit and my glasses were knocked off. A chip developed in the lens. I was dismayed because I haven't had them for very long and I regretted not buying goggles to go over them while I played. (We don't play that rough, but when you juke and fake with your head, your glasses get faked out as well and I tend to leave them on the court behind me counting on luck to make the shot blind.) The next week they were knocked off again and the lens split right down the middle.

I have my old glasses on right now. I emailed G4U and asked them if I could send in the frames and get new lenses. I also asked if I sent in other frames if they could put lenses on those too.

They can't. Their reasoning is the reliability of two way shipping.

I emailed back saying that was unfortunate because now I'm going to take their frames to a competitor (39dollarglasses.com) and get new lenses put in. I'll also be sending a second pair of frames AND some sunglasses. 39DG stands to make about $120 off of me and that's money G4U won't get.

Aside from that, despite the inexpensive nature of the glasses, I may not get more frames from G4U. It has nothing to do with their customer service or merchandise, but their policy.

So, if you're interested in buying glasses online, be mindful of lens repair/replacement. G4U doesn't say on their site that it's a service they offer, so it's not as though I was misled. I don't fault them. I think it's sad and unfortunate that they don't offer that service, but that's not for me to decide.

Carry on.

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runCMD said...

Looks like they listened to you. They now accept any frame and will gladly put new lenses in. I just sent in two frames for the photochromic colors. One blue and one yellow - both frames from their competitors since they didn't have the exact style I wanted at goggles4u. We'll see how -reliable- this two-way shipping turns out to be. ;)