So here it is folks. The new Life in Austin page. Welcome to it and brace yourselves for new and improved entries. Mr. and Mrs. Austin have been busy lately what with all the deaths and weddings lately but we promise to get you some fresh stalking material real soon. Honest. I'm shooting for updates once a week but probably more like once a month. This is, of course, depending on who kicks the bucket next so keep your fingers poised on those rosaries.

So a funny thing happened on the way to the Circle the other day. Mr. Austin's mom sent him an email asking if our darling little crab apple princess celebrates Easter. Not knowing exactly how to respond he forwarded the email to me. I composed this bad ass email back that he butchered all to hell. It was all about where Easter came from (not what you'd think) and how we celebrate the original holiday Ostara. It was poetic and eloquent and all flowery and stuff. His email back to her was (I swear) two lines. Thanks baby! Glad to see he can sum up a major religious holiday in 14 words or less. To be fair, I'm sure he could sum up The Great Guinness Toast the same way. Or maybe the origination of The Incredible Hulk.

Speaking of comics, he's gearing down for a convention in Chicago this summer. He trapped me the other night out by the garbage can and fired away a list of things he needs done before July. Poor thing. He's been trying to talk to me about this for something like 6 months now. It isn't that I'm more interested in (anything) something else. Its just that I can barely keep up with my own drama to remember his. He's all excited about it though. I wonder if I should wait until a week before and tell him that we can't afford for him to go. It'd be fun to see his head explode. I'm evil that way.

The bluebonnets are back. Woo-Hoo! I'm such a Texas girl y'all. I could be Sandy Squirrel but I'd never leave Austin for Bikini Bottom. Squidward weirds me out too much. Plus, I can't make a lasso in the shape of Sponge Bob. We all have our faults.

We went skiing in Colorado about a month or so again. Mr. Austin finally got up on skis. How do you live your entire life surrounded by snow and mountains and never go skiing? It is beyond me. Anyway, he loved it. Bastard is better than me! Of course, it was only my second time, but still! We got this one picture where I swear he was smiling so hard he must have gotten a cramp. I love going up to Denver. Built in baby sitters!! We totally abused the hell out of his dad and step mom. I felt bad, but not bad enough to not leave her. I miss that about not having any older relatives in town. All my friends always get to go out and remember why they got married in the first place because the grandparents are close by. Not us. We just sit here and look at each other across the dinner table trying to remember who that other person is and why on earth we are living together. Then we look at our little girl and remember why. Self defense. If we weren't married one of us would have to try to raise her alone. Oh hell no! I'm all about tag-team parenting. What? She poured yogurt on her head? Not it! What? She's drinking poopy bath water again? Not it! And why does she poop in the bath tub anyway? I'm convinced it is so that she can watch mommy's face contort and daddy get all red trying not so swear.

All right kids, that's all for now. Happy Hour calls. Keep your horns up and heads down.