Nine Inch Nails

The last album of Trent Reznor's I bought was WITH TEETH because of the single HAND THAT FEEDS. The rest of the album was ok. It was no DOWNWARD SPIRAL or WISH. Last year after an almost Hall & Oats short span of time, NIN released another album YEAR ZERO which was a break from his record label and offered up tracks specifically intended to be remixed. Early this year, just a few months ago, Reznor put GHOSTS I-IV online. Several tracks were free, the album cut was something like $5 and for some 40 songs. Just a few days ago, another NIN album appeared; THE SLIP. This one is totally free.

I'll have to give it its proper listen, but at that price, why wouldn't it be worth it? GHOSTS was instrumental and that's not what I like about NIN. I didn't like FRAGILE because of the non-lyrical half of the album. There are parts of SPIRAL I don't like because of that. They server as good counter points to the hard driving songs like MARCH OF THE PIGS and STARFUCKERS, but over all I'd rather have HAPPINESS IS SLAVERY for 10-13 tracks.

THE SLIP seems a bit more, I don't know, funky. For NIN, funky just isn't something I'd say normally, but said it I did. It feels like several songs from WITH TEETH bleed over and were put on the shelf until the giant endeavor of GHOSTS was released.

My brother is a huge NIN fan and until all the remixing and record label disputes, was very proud that he owned all the Halo numbers - up to 10 I believe. That was almost 10 years ago. What are we up to now?

Go grab THE SLIP, give it a listen. What will it hurt?

Carry on.

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