Super Algae

I may have to get Twitter just so I can post little comments about stuff I hear on the radio. Problems is, if I get Twitter, that's all I'd ever do.

Moving on. I heard a story on or local NPR affiliate KUT about researchers studying the use of algae as a biofuel. I immediately thought of a science fiction show or movie that mentioned the food they ate tasted too much like algae, but I can't remember it. I want to say it wasn't a recent show even though I know BS:G had a bit about an algae planet where they restocked their food. But I also thought about Enterprise and how their replicators (newly minted) worked based off some biological component like algae.

In any case, I had another moment of The Future Is Now. Small things like algae biofuels or retractable kitchen appliances or three wheeled hybrid cars make me...twitter with anticipation for whatever future is to be had. I mean, is 200bloody8 and there are certain things even the 1938 World Fair said we'd have by now. Sure email is a lot more convenient then 20 million pneumatic tubes for communication, but I'd still like my personal ion powered personal transport. Where are the monorails and Rosie the Robots and phase pistols?

The problem I run into is I want the grand and tend to ignore the minuscule. I miss the days where shuttle launches were broadcast on the major networks and Star Trek was in a prime time slot. Now you can go into space for 30 seconds if you have $1.5 million, a teasing glimmer of events to come. The Haydron Collider is set to start injecting their first particles in a matter of weeks and I hope something shiny comes out of the smashing. I want a black hole to open up and swallow the facility. I want Jodie Foster to hear a burst of noise on her headphones. I want Carl Sagan's magical 70's crystal spaceship.

I also want Pluto back, but whatever.

Carry on.

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