Happy Birthday Gregory

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Four years ago today, Gregory Powell came into the world with much fanfare. He's since become the magical forth member of the family and is easily the cutest and sweetest boy I've ever met.

He's a little terror as well. He loves copying his sister's every word until she screams at me. He loves to scratch and bit and punch and kick. He's shy at first but loves calling people loser when he gets to know them. He's still in the age where he can be accidentally deeply philosophical which can be comical to all the adults in the room.

"Where's the button."

"There is no button, you have to use your imagination."

"No, there's no imagination here."

Gregory loves his sister more than anything in the world. He just wants to play and be with her constantly. When he dreams, he dreams about her. We know because he talks in his sleep.

G-man loves Spider-Man and Lightning McQueen (or Ka-Chow! as he calls him.) His favorite show is Peep and his favorite pastime is collecting rolly-polly bugs in the backyard. He likes to give himself hiccups by burping then saying he needs a spoon full of white sugar.

He got his first bike today and I forsee many years chasing his sister. I hope that when the bikes are long gone, he doesn't do it forever.

As sweet and lovable as he is, he has a tenancy to walk out of bathrooms before putting his pants back on. I think he probably got that from his dad.

Happy birthday, buddy. I love you very much.


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