Storm Damage

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Last night we were hit with yet another Central Texas thunderstorm. They're pretty regular around this time of year, being spring and all. For all the families, we're all ok. The kids didn't even wake up from the thunder and lightening. Ms. A's brother and his wife are ok too.

I tried to get a video of the lightning but I'm apparently not good with technology as the only video I got was of me turning off the camera, so you'll just have to take my word for it. The lightning was phenomenal. We knew the storm was approaching so we turned off all the computers and TVs and lights and lit a bunch of candles. Got a few glasses of wine and happily awaited the storm.

P-ville didn't get that much in the way of nastiness, but we did get to see a spectacular lightning show looking up north. I mean it was constant. Imagine the end of a fireworks display where they cram everything that have left into 2 minutes and then stretch that out over an hour. It was awesome in the strictest definition of the word.

There were tornado warnings for our area but nothing happened. I got an email this morning saying there's damage to our building and please don't park on the 4th level. I figured one or two tiles got knocked out and as a precaution they just tell people to stay clear.

Boy was I surprised.

First of all, the roads leading into downtown were covered with debris. And I don't mean the typical leaves and twigs you associate with a storm, I mean the kind of stuff you'd see in news footage about a twister hitting some place in Oklahoma. Ok it wasn't that bad, but there were sizable trees down all over the place and the roads were carpeted with the flotsam of blown-out office windows and open air parking garages.

I haven't heard of anyone I know suffering serious damage. One of Ms. A's friends got some hail through a window (baseball sized) and a tree in her yard crushed a neighbor's shed. That was the worst of it.

Bit of excitement for the day. I don't envy the clean up efforts.

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