Summer of Change

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Hey all, just a quick update for those that don't follow me on FB or Twitter or emails or a phone call or in person. So, yeah, you.

As you know, Tiger Lily is moving to Illinois. I will be helping her move at the end of July, then she'll be there for a minimum of two years. After that she'll apply to other schools for her doctorate and either stay there longer or move again. We plan on texting and talking over Skype a lot. Yes we're going to try the long distance relationship.

To that end, we may also be starting a new podcast. Friends of ours invited us onto their new Doctor Who podcast, Playing Doctor Podcast and they've also been running the Dork Trek podcast as well. It's a model we want to use for Deep Space Nine since we're both big fans. It'll also give us an excuse to talk with each other at least once a week. I'll post more when it's available.

Some quick items. G-man's asthma is being treated by a new pulmonologist instead of the pediatrician and so far it's doing a lot better. Also, his reading has improved dramatically, so much so he won a prize from the library.

LMA is currently at camp and hopefully having fun. This is her first sleep away camp, so don't bring it up with her mom, she'll start crying. She's otherwise doing well and we're excited for her to start middle school. She'll be trying her hand at the oboe.

A month after Tiger Lily leaves, we will meet up in Atlanta for Dragon*Con. We'll both be wearing costumes so keep an eye out online at all the nerdy sites and you might see us. She'll be the sexy anime mech pilot, Rei Ayanami and I'll be the fat dude covered in cardboard trying to look like Dr. Gordon Freeman.

Then the big gay family is moving! It's just a little ways away into Pflugerville, but it's a nicer house. The ladies are buying it instead of renting and I'll be living with them for a while till I can get my own place. We have an arrangement with custody and child support and all that, so there are plans and they are in motion. Those of you who snail-mail cards and such will get a new street address soon.

To answer some questions: No, no one I know was hurt or lost in the fires in Colorado. My mom and uncle do lives mere miles away from the Waldo Canyon fire and were either evacuated or alerted to possible evacuation, but they are all okay. Secondly, no I don't know anyone lost or hurt in the movie theater shooting in Aurora. My brother lives just a couple miles away and they have visited that theater, but they weren't there.

This photo you're seeing is from a recent trip to Avery Island in Louisiana. It's where Tabasco Sauce is made. We visited Tiger Lily's mom and dad for the July 4th weekend and this was one of our excursions. (More available online.)

Future projects coming up include an album cover for an online acquaintance, some tee-shirt designs, some character designs for a couple friends, a possible Lego UT Tower rebuild and of course building my Dragon*Con costume. August is going to be busy.

I don't write here much, so please come find me on Facebook or Twitter. Carry on.