Brick Fiesta

Last year, a couple of the long time members of TexLUG decided Austin should host a LEGO convention.  There are a few LEGO cons in the US, mostly on either coast, one in Chicago.  Having one in Texas will give southerners a chance to gather, show their models and network with like-minded builders.


While these two show-runners are on the hook for all the startup costs and organizations, it's up to the rest of TexLUG to provide the manpower needed to pull this first convention off.  If you've never seen a LEGO convention in person, you're missing out.  It's a huge endeavor and the two men in charge of the operation have a lot riding on it.

I've personally never been to one.  It was only a few years ago that I started building things that didn't come in a box or with instructions.  Plus the idea of flying to Seattle (as fine as that city is I'm sure) whilst dragging my MOCs along didn't really appeal to me.  I stress enough over traveling.  Traveling with models that could fall to pieces just seemed like an exercise in frustration.

So I'm glad this started up.  I've been trying to be as involved as possible, but my efforts have been largely ignored.  I can't tell if it's because of my standing in the group or if it's just a case of being accidentally (albeit consistently) overlooked.  However, I'm going to be doing my best to help set up, break down, load, transport, educate, inform, corral and fetch.  TG and I are already planning and building our moon base display so at the very least you can come see that if you're in Austin.  At most I'll be the assistant to the guy running the Space theme and helping at the public event.

Last weekend, TG and I set up a portion of a space display, as well as our UT Tower, at the Jr. First Lego League competition.  It was our first public display and we learned a lot about how to set up, how to talk to people and what we need for next time.  It also gave us a chance to hang out with two of TexLUG's veteran members.  We talked shop and exchanged some ideas, but most of the time we were keeping small hands off the models.  Out setup included a motorized monorail and the kids LOVED to touch it.  One of the guys told me that most of the time that's not really allowed, but because this was a LEGO style event it was probably okay.  Plus our stanchion/rope line wasn't very far out.

I've very excited about Brick Fiesta.  If nothing else, I'll be able to see other models up close and hopefully help behind the scenes to make it all work.  It starts on my birthday as well, so that's what I'll be doing for those couple days.

Carry on.


Hello 2011

Donut Friday
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A lot happened in 2010 that I'm very happy about. On average, the events of the past year were positive and productive. Each problem faced was met with acceptance and a desire to push forward. Each change greeted with optimism and excitement.

Personally I'm in a really good place, some thing I haven't felt in a while. Despite the rigors of separated parent scheduling, things are going quite smoothly and without incident. In fact, given the nature of the situation, I'm shocked more hasn't gone wrong.

There were downsides, however, from which there is no recovery. The loss of loved ones is neither easy nor simple. They leave behind memories and paperwork and property and it requires a great deal of effort and composure to wade through it all and get to a point where you can equalize.

There is a lot that will happen in 2011. Big things are planned and there are going to be more changes. Through it all I hope everyone in our family can meet the challenges head on and grow and learn from them while holding together as people who like and love each other.

I'm grateful for all the people I know that made it a wonderful year. I have no resolutions for 2011 because I don't believe I need a single day to jump start any change, and also because life will sort itself out the way it must. I'm looking forward to the next year and hope it's as exciting as the last.