Remember Remember to Write in November

Forgive me Internet, it's been nearly two months since my last post.

For penance I will say 5 Nyan Cats and 10 Honey Badgers.

Of the myriad things going on in the world that is the Crazy Realm of the Austin Goofnuggets, I will say the biggest being Ms. A and Ms. El Paso flew to NYC and got married.  Yay!  We're all super happy for them and while it's worth a snowflake's chance in the Bahamas, we'll support efforts to make it legal in Texas.  You know, the last place gays will ever be legally allowed to be married.

That aside, we are all busy, relatively happy and I would say health but that's not the case.  I'm currently under the influence of a debilitating head/chest ailment I can only label The Devil's Grip.  I likely got something from Tiger Lily who had Viral Laryngitis.  If you don't know TL, she has a cute little nerd girl voice WITH a lisp.  To have her communicate by squeak on top of it has sent me into a diabetic tailspin with all the sweetness.  Additionally, G-man is seeing a new doctor for his breathing issues.  He now has a new inhaler with a pre-breathing chamber so he doesn't have to time it breathing in the medicine.  It's kind of neat actually.  His reading and writing are still problematic but we're all doing our part to help him.  Little Miss Austin is earning money doing chores, being a good big sister and taking on more responsibility including walking home from school with her little brother and being home till a parent arrives.  It's done wonders for her attitude and all the adults agree she's quite nice to be around the last few weeks.

Yes we saw the Muppets a little early.  TL got some passes from her job at Austin Film Festival.  We got ahead of the line AND saw the movie early; it was a good time and the movie was fantastic.  I won't spoil it for anyone but I will say it was very wholesome, cheesy and funny, just like early Muppet endeavors.  I don't know for sure if they're going to use this to launch a new show, but I'd watch it if they did.  I hope the movie does well and I can't wait for the kids to see it.  I'd let them watch this over most things on Disney Channel or Nickelodeon right now.

Austin Comic Con was this last weekend as well and TL and I went and spent a few hours walking aimlessly around trying to simultaneously look for good buys and restraining ourselves from buying everything we saw.  The shirt I had on was a big hit, which is any fanboy's dream come true.  You wouldn't believe the number of nerd shirts there, and very few repeats.  TL and I got a couple more shirts and a book put out (edited) by a mutual friend.  I wanted to get figures and toys and nerd hockey jerseys but I knew I couldn't justify anything but the most minor purchases.

But it did get me thinking, as I walked through Artist Alley:  I should bring the Robot Portraits to the comic con or Staple.  I think they'd be a hit and I could probably do 10 or so while sitting at a table.  The problem is that I don't have a book or anything else to sell other than custom portraits.  I'll have to think about it more, but we're already planning on going to Dragon Con next year in full costume and I think my time will be spent making those over the next year.

Speaking of costumes, TL and I were Muppets again this year.  Her Kermit was really well done, my Fozzie (and yes that's supposed to be Fozzy and not that old country kitch desinger from Trading Spaces) was half assed at best.  Without Kermit around people had no idea who I was, much like last year.

Up next, TL is graduating from UT in December and is currently looking for a job.  She'll need to work till next fall at which point she'll go to graduate school.  I'm still drawing robots.  We've not done with Lego lately but it's all still there.  We kind of dropped out of working with the Lego User Group in Texas because, well, frankly, the people running it are assholes.  What little we've dealth with them has not been amicable and it seems that unless you're a pushy, know-it-all old white guy, you're not going to fit in.  We've already agreed that the convention next year (in Houston) is not going to be something we do.  However, we may eventually go to Brick Con in Seattle.

That's all for now.  I'm in Server 2008 training all week.  So much fun, but at least I'm learning.

Carry on.