New Glasses

100/365 New Glasses
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For real this time.

So the stats.

Vision copay - $25
Lens cost - $12
Frame cost $13.99
Order and shipping total time - 10 days.

Awesomesauce Quotient - 5,000 Scovilles, which means I'd have to get another tattoo and start dating an Asian burlesque girl to be as cool as my glasses.

Purchased at Goggles4u.com

So a couple things will happen over the next couple days. First, I'm going to get a raging headache. I haven't had a new Rx for my eyes in five years. Plus my old glasses were scratched to shit and most of the coating was coming off. It was like looking through wax paper half the time. Second thing is I will be smudging these up pretty bad. Your hands get used to glasses, believe it or not you unspectacled lovelies. It's like any habitual experience, your body knows where things are. So I'll be reaching for my specs to adjust them and I'll drag my greasy thumb along the lens; probably a lot.

But it's nice to see more distant now. I haven't noticed a change in being at the PC. It'll be fun driving tomorrow.

So, there you go. Very good experience. Time will tell if I got the prescription right, but the cost and delivery was top notch. I'm going to get some shades next.

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