The Band
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It's six o'clock and Lil Miss Austin has decided that her third iteration of Halloween outfit isn't right. She does, however, know without a doubt that all her friends hate her because they won't return her calls to go Trick-or-Treating. At 6:10, she has more or less settled into a costume, has found a friend to go with and also has a two year old to escort around. By 9 o'clock she was ready for bed with eye makeup and lip stain only partially washed off.

G-man was Spiderman.

Costumes have always been part of my Halloween and I try to pass that love of dressing up to my children. Ms. A does her part as well and was instrumental in getting LMA into what eventually became a Vampire Queen outfit. (See, it's not enough to just be a vampire, she has to be the Vampire Queen or it just doesn't make any sense.) Originally she was a gypsy with a nice out fit Ms. A got her. Then that wasn't good enough so it changed to a belly dancer. All we had to do was cut the outfit in half. She had plenty of sequence and glitter and she had this great idea for these things trailing from her feet because she'd be going barefoot.

That wasn't working so then Ms. A suggested she read about Persephone and maybe use some of her dresses and costuming bits to go as her. LMA agreed but the more she dressed, the more she looked like a vampire. So a little eye make up, some blood on the lips and we were ready to go.

G-man was Spiderman from the get go, no changes. He didn't wear a mask or face paint. He just jumped around like Spiderman all night. Ms. A may have got a picture of them, but I forgot. A TXRD skater and family friend brought her 2 year old daughter over (dressed as the Statue of Liberty) and we all went out to get candy from strangers.

The night before, Tiger Lily and I dressed as Floyd Pepper and Janice from the Muppets. Dressing as slight less well know characters produces an interesting reaction. People were really impressed with it and were all smiles, but honestly couldn't place us. Without my mask I looked like the Fifth Cuban Beatle. With it, people said I was Dr. Teeth or Animal. When I said Floyd they looked confused or like I'd blown air into their face as if I didn't know what I was talking about.

I was for the most part with a group of people like myself who had grown up with the Muppets so they KNEW who I was even if not specifically.

And just like LMA's, I finished my costume minutes before leaving for the party. My mom will be happy to know I used a sewing machine to make the front of the shirt.

Hope all your ghouls and goblins has a wonderful and spooky Halloween.

Carry on.