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Happy Birthday Little Miss Austin.

Seven years ago, right about now, we were in the hospital with you. Your mom wanted to do a natural birth but you were being a stubborn little turkey and decided you wanted to roll over onto your back and hold onto the cord. Mommy got a shot in her back to help with the pain and then proceeded to fall asleep...she even snored a bit.

Six hours later, you were out. You cried and cooed and wiggled. You tried to deal with the lights with your untrained eyes. Your fingers didn't do anything but flex and hold onto my fingers. You were the smallest thing I'd ever seen.

You also came out with a shock of black hair on the back of your head that clashed pretty fashionably with the rest of your light brown hair.

Over the years you've learned the important things like how to walk and talk and read. You've always been a quick study and most things came early for you; your first words, steps, lost tooth, days without diapers. You've also been a big ol' stinker and have undoubtedly picked up a few bad traits from me and your mom. You're feisty and emotional and fairly crazy.

But dangit if you aren't the smartest and prettiest little girl I know. I hope you have a wonderful day. I love you.


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