Agenda 21 In Austin - Save the Red River District

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If you love hanging out on Red River as much as I do, you would be sickened by the plans they (the big real estate developers and NGO's) have.....

This is from my buddy John who runs Elysium on Red River..... This is SERIOUSLY IMPORTANT!!! WAKE UP!!!!


"This is the survey for the City of Austin about the plan for Red River in 2012. This is the LAST CHANCE for public comment. All surveys must be in by May 31st. Please suffer through and fill out the survey, and if you know anyone else who enjoys any bars/bands on Red River, please send it to them as well.

The first part covers your interest in the Red River/Waller Creek area, then your choice of what should be done in different areas along Waller Creek/Red River, then lastly the comment section.

Please fill out the survey.


John Wickham
President Red River District

PS Below is a summary of what I said. Please DO NOT say the exact same thing.

I am just including this to let you know my opinions:"

"The current live music venues and clubs transformed the area from a crime-ridden area to something desirable. The existing businesses should be rewarded by having a part in this new vision. Unfortunately, many of those venues do not own their own buildings and will get shortchanged in this renewal; even though those venues made the area attractive for development in the first place.

The dance clubs, Live Music Venues, and bars that are on Red River should be respected and incorporated into the larger plan.

The only true Live Music District of Austin left is Red River. Please do not ruin the last bastion of Live Music that Austin has. Red Eyed Fly, Beerland, Elysium, Room 710, and Headhunters have been there for almost 7 years changing the area themselves, please do not sell them out to developers. Not to mention all the new venues that opened like Sidebar, Creekside Lounge, Red 7, Beauty Bar and Mohawk... To say nothing of long-existing venues like Emo's, Stubb's and Club DeVille.

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