Where've you been?

Why, I've been on Twitter, doing nearly nothing.

Seriously. The most creative thing I've done in the past month is write a review of Andromeda Strain for Television Zombies. Haven't drawn, haven't written or lettered anything. Stopped playing video games about two weeks ago. Don't know, just have no drive. Must be the heat.

Couple weeks ago I damaged my finger. I'm not sure if it's broken but what I know from fingers is that even if it was, there's little a doctor can do outside of what I've already done which is just to tape it to another finger and wear a splint.

It only hurts if I bump it against things.

The big news this last week, my car had problems and LMA is officially not a first grader.

My little Kia Sportage had its alternator go south. The shop by my house (Three Points Auto in Pflugerville, good guys) wanted more than I could afford to fix it. So Ms. A helped out and found a part for cheap and a guy on Craigslist to put it in for $50. I love the internet about as much as I loathe cars.

I've not had bad luck with cars. In fact, I've always had cars that ran fairly well for a lot of years while I did very little work on them. I know I could be better to this car what with the oil changes and tune ups and what not, midyear resolution. If I can't afford an alternator, I won't be able to afford a new car.

Work's been busier and busier. A lot of the little side projects I could do while at work in between working I've not been able to do, which means trying to do them at home and that just doesn't happen. Another midyear resolution would be to use my downtime better. Right now I read news articles online, read books and watch my three shows. Doesn't seem like a lot during the week, but I don't know where else my 5-6 hours a night go.

And yes, LMA is officially on summer break. She got her precious snowflake award at school (Most Awesome Writer) as well as one of only 10 kids in first grade (about 70 kids I suppose) to reach the Green Level. Don't ask me, I don't know what that means. I think she read a lot and they recognized her for it.

I'm getting excited for Hulk and Dark Knight and Hancock. Still having a hard time coping with Indiana Jones, but I'm sure Batman will help ease the pain.

That's all for now, sorry it wasn't Life o' Riley.

Carry on.

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