Eustace Einstein
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A few weeks ago I drew these silly little cartoons for a contest I found by checking ApeLad's drawings in my Contacts list over on Flickr.

For those link-shy folks, the 83rd anniversary of the New Yorker is coming up and they put out a contest for cartoonists to come up with their vision of the iconic Eustace Tilley. I did five; a steampunk robot, a Thomas Jefferson, a Darwin, a Neil Armstrong and an Einstein.

I got a note today saying I was one of the 20 winners in the contest!

The winners are displayed on newyorker.com. It's not the actual print magazine, but still, it's nothing to sneeze at. Considering there were over 250 entries and most of them were VERY good, I was a bit shocked I actually won. Looking back on it, I only spent a few minutes on each and I felt guilty when seeing some of the entries that I didn't spend more time.

I really didn't think I had a shot. It was just another flight of fancy to occupy my Periodical mind.

So, I will be celebrating somehow. Maybe a few glasses of wine are in order.


I got another email saying that depending on print size, the actual magazine will be running a spread of some of the entries. They won't know till right before which ones will make it.

Also, I don't know if Adam K. won or not, he's being very mum about the whole thing (as are most of the winners) but Len from Jawbone has also won with his entry. Yay!

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