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A - Arthur Dent
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I'm drawing an alphabet's worth of science fiction and fantasy characters.

Someone asked me why I was doing this. I didn't have a good answer. I work compulsively which means I get as far into a project as my brain will allow and then it stops and I end up starting something else. I'm very bad at finishing things out even though they may be a good idea. Plus, if it's something that can't be done quickly, it's like it won't even be started.

I'd make a bad accountant.

I say that only because while I just posted one of my better penciled pieces in recent memory, I look at the three pieces of this project so far and get really down on the artwork. It's rushed. It's not quite comic book and it's not quite cartoon. It's like a hasty hybrid that doesn't enjoy either genre's strengths. However, I'm decent at doing it and it allows me to get things done quickly.

I don't know, I may be too analytical about it. I've got up to the J's already penciled, but I'm not liking many of them and I might start over.

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