I decided to with Goggles4u due to their selection. They have some 2,000 frames to choose from. In reality it's probably more like 500 as each listing is the same frame but different sizes. Still, it seemed more than 39dollarglasses, but we'll have to see how the quality is once I receive them.

The ordering process was a no-brainer. Anyone who's ordered online will know how it works. You make your selection, put in your Rx, fill out your billing and shipping info and confirm the order. The tricky part is knowing what size of frame you need, and it's only tricky because it's something I'm sure no one thinks about. It's like hat size or blood pressure - something you should know but don't.

Never fear, they have a section on "how to order" on the site and it makes it relatively simple. If you plan on doing it, the trick is to not only have your Rx but your pupil distance and your frame front size. Take your glasses off, get a ruler, measure from arm hinge to arm hinge. That's your front size. Use that to search so you don't end up finding frames you like that are too small.

I only have two complaints. One; t here wasn't anything saying how long to wait until they were sent. There's an order tracking system, but in the initial confirmation I'd have liked to have seen something saying, "Thank you for your order. You can expect your new frame in 10 days." Two; there's a refraction index that increased the cost of the frames. It was a different in cost and lens weight but nothing saying what was expected in terms of your prescription, ie you have really bad eyes and can't use index 1.57 or something. It left it up to you.

As you can see, frames and lenses cost $25.99, no shipping charge. And you get all the schmancy coating for free. If I'm happy with these I'll probably get another pair with either transition tinting or sunglass tinting. That will be extra by about $30 or so, but in the end, $70 for glasses is still 1/3 to 1/6 the cost at an optometrist.

Today was spent so far getting donuts and going to the store. We desperately needed two more car seats so I grabbed those and some basketball shorts and the kids each got a toy to keep them happy. Chuck E. Cheese last night was an insane asylum. I've never seen that many people there. But the kids were well behaved and even gave their game tickets away at the end of the night. (We only had 20 and I wasn't going to stand in a giant line to get a plastic spider ring and a Tootsie Roll.)

I have to go back out because I forgot stuff and we may try to hit an art store and get a portfolio case for the 100 Artists Project artwork (the folders I have aren't enough to hold them all.) Plus I was thinking of getting a new Wii game. I want to get Metroid but I think the kids might want something too, maybe a dancing game.

That's all for now. Carry on.

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