Next Campaign - Eyeglasses

With the Suddenlink thing over and not much else going on that I'm willing to talk about, I'll be going through the process of buying glasses online. That should give me something to write about.

I read a story last year linked from Boing Boing I believe about a guy who tested a bunch of online glasses places and decided that it's inexpensive enough to order several pairs. Glasses can be like shoes or hats or jewelry in that they can become an accessory and not just an aid. You can have glasses you wear to work, sassy glasses to wear out at night, sunglasses for weekends and sports glasses for exercise.

I'm sure ideally laser eye surgery is more cost effective in the long run, but with online retailers coming in on average of $50 for a pair of glasses, you'd have to buy 40 pairs of glasses to come close to the average cost for the procedure. Most insurance plans (mine) won't cover it either so you're out of pocket. And yes there's flex spending, but my life right now requires I get my entire paycheck, thank you. You people who can actually save money each month are ruining the curve.

I don't mind wearing glasses. It's never bothered me. I can't stand things in my eyes, even eyedrops, so contacts are out of the question. So I'm going to give it a shot. I'm going to schedule an eye appointment today and get a prescription, then measure my ginormous head and get a pupil distance measurement. Then it's off to shop. I'll probably start at 39dollarglasses.com or goggles4u.com (the later is in the UK but has free shipping.)

I'll keep you posted on the progress.

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Anonymous said...

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