Suddenlink and KXAN Part IV

Via Suddenlink's blog.

Suddenlink signed a long-term agreement today (Jan. 3) with the Temple, Texas, NBC affiliate KCEN, and hopes to add KCEN as early as this afternoon to the cable line ups of customers who have been without an NBC affiliate since Dec. 31.
In addition, the HD signal Suddenlink was in negotiations with through KXAN (if you remember the postings back in November) could be available through KCEN very shortly.

It'll be interesting to see what KXAN and LIN TV's response will be, if they respond at all. Knowing how big companies work, I'd be surprised if there was any kind of public acknowledgment.

It's also interesting to be getting news from a town that's 50 miles away. (For reference, we live on the Austin/Pflugerville border. According to Pflugerville's zoning maps, our subdivision is not part of the actual city.) Downtown Austin is 13 miles from our house.

Back to your regularly scheduled viewing.

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