Suddenlink and KXAN Part III

Here's more on the Suddenlink and KXAN/LIN debacle.

That’s why we have offered LIN-TV signficant economic consideration in the form of ad buys, free promotional spots on our channel line up, etc. In fact, we were making study progress toward an agreement on the economics of the deal, but the breakdown came when LIN refused to negotiate just for KXAN.


But please be clear on this: these negotiations did not break down over the small amount of money at issue with respect to the New Mexico systems. They broke down because Suddenlink refuses to pay fair market value for KXAN. If and when Suddenlink does agree to a reasonable payment for KXAN, you can rest assured that LIN will not let the deal fail because of the New Mexico situation.

Via Russ Johnson at Right Side of Tech

Here's some conatact info (copied-n-pasted, thx Russ)

Todd.Cruthird@Suddenlink.com; Jerald.Kent@suddenlink.com; Thomas.McMillin@suddenlink.com; Patricia.McCaskill@suddenlink.com; Mary.Meier@suddenlink.com; eugene.regan@suddenlink.com; steven.fechter@suddenlink.com

prog36@kxan.com; prog36@kxan.com; kxansalesma@kxan.com; information@lintv.com; Vincent.Sadusky@lintv.com; Scott.Blumenthal@lintv.com; Gregory.Schmidt@lintv.com; Denise.Parent@lintv.com; courtney.guertin@LINTV.com

I've seen a divorce and this looks like two people arguing over the stereo that belongs to one of the kids.

The thing is, I shouldn't watch TV. I should be drawing more. My kids like cartoons and I let them watch cartoons. I'd rather they play outside, but if they're sick or it's too cold or hot out, I don't mind them watching Noggin or Nick Jr. I think this stings so much because a lot of people are paying over $100 a month for what boils down to good picture quality on the local stations. Lost, American Idol, and Survivor, The Office aren't big because they're necessarily good (most are) but because they are on the major networks. Most network shows are average at best, but because NBC carries them, they are considerably more popular than the best cable show.

When you get cable instead of satellite, it's usually because of two things. 1) You don't want the TV to go out on a cloudy day and 2) you want your local stations. Well, without the main local station I watch, what's to keep me from going to Dish? I don't think there would be outrage like this over losing Versus, but this is like getting phone service but they don't offer local calling to a third of your town because the company that made those phones wants "fair market value."

So again I'll offer this. Suddenlink, you may have services that are costing you money that no one uses. If LIN really won't budge, drop something and pay them. LIN TV, I have a feeling your "fair market value" has gone up since NBC's been hemorrhaging ad money. Don't make yourself the bad guys by punishing cable companies and their customers. To me your market value has been lowered because of this and I'm wondering how long it needs to go before Suddenlink can push back saying this has hurt your market value and ad buys will be enough.

In the mean time, I'll be getting satellite. Sorry guys, you both lose.

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