Talent Show

This was LMA reading Shel Silverstein at her school's talent show. You unfortunately hear a lot of her little brother whining about not being able to see her.

You also hear a lot of "peanut gallery" commenting.

Mrs. A and I talked a lot about this and she's not going back to this school. It was cemented by the type of "talent" that was shown at the show. When elementary school girls perform current hip-hop/pop songs about their unrequited sexual endeavors, to me that's a reflection on the parents and I just don't want LMA to be part of that. More than half of the acts were 7-12 year old girls lipsynching songs and barely dancing, just kind of wagging their fingers and bobbling their heads. Now, I don't want to hear about racism or high expectations of talent from little kids, but I think there needs to be a line drawn somewhere for the sake of class, taste and image.

But hey, if you're excited about your 7 year old gyrating to Mystical, then by all means, get excited. I just can't, I'm sorry. It makes me feel a little embarrassed and dirty. If this were high school or college, I wouldn't mind it so much. When I was in sixth grade, I was in a "talent" show where me and some buddies did a lipsynch of a Weird Al song, but we had real instruments we pretended to play and it was more humorous than anything. This bordered on raunchy spectacle and I really felt bad for LMA that she had to be a part of it.

I don't know, I may be out of line. Here's another video of G-man getting into the action to help you forget what I've said.

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