Only Dreemin

I see a lot of this from reading the online blogs and zines and not-news sites, but every time I do it just makes me feel worse and worse about humanity.

Part of the Story

The Victim

Here's the short of it. An Icelandic single mom art student found through a friend that a print company had used her photos from her Flickr stream and sold thousands of dollars of prints. They not only didn't pay her, they didn't even credit her.

So, when she found out, she had a lawyer help her contact the company and the most the company did was remove the photos from their site. They didn't pay her, they didn't apologize. So she wrote about it and complained and did what we all do online, bitch and moan.

Her photo, with all the comments on it, was deleted by Flickr. Their response was that she was reported to have been harassing someone (probably the company that stole her photos) and that Flickr (see Yahoo!) has the right to delete anything at any time if someone registers a complaint.

Thing is, Flickr didn't original stand up for a member of theirs when it was found that she had work stolen and yet they made a special effort to censor her and all the other members who posted in support of her.

I blame Yahoo! for this. Only Dreemin needs to publically apologize and then pay her for all sales of her art. The story needs to run on Yahoo! New for a week with an inclusion in the story about how Flickr (parent company Yahoo!) censored their own member in favor of siding with the malicious company.

This kind of stuff is crap and is NOT what paying members are paying for.

Well done Flickr. Well done Yahoo.

Carry on.

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