Number Six

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Today at 4:32 PM, Little Miss Austin will be six years old.

Six years ago at this very moment, Mrs. A and I were in the hospital and she was in such pain that she finally agreed to get an epidural. LMA was facing up and her little head was clunking down Mrs. A's tail bone like one of the Stooges falling down a ladder.

This morning her little brother opened all her presents after we had left for school. They'll have to be rewrapped before we get home.

I had to write a few bits about her history for school to go along with the cupcakes:

Year One -
The Avalanche were playing in the Stanley Cup finals against New Jersey. We were in Houston helping Mrs. A's mom with her house as it and the city had been flooded by a tropical storm. The local ABC stations were all carrying flood coverage. We found a bar with satellite and took her with us to watch the Avs win the Stanley Cup.

Year Two -
LMA's favorite movie is Dinosaur. She loves dinosaurs and watches a lot of Discover Channel shows that talk about fossils and such. She roars every time we drive passed the Mangia Pizza truck.

Year Three -
Two weeks after her third birthday, LMA's little brother was born. Two months after that we bought a trampoline. She liked the trampoline more.

Year Four -
The day after my vasectomy, I'm taking LMA to school and I've got a bit of a limp. When the teachers ask what's wrong, she blurts out, "Daddy had an operation on his hinnie parts so he can't have any more babbies."

Year Five -
Mrs. A and LMA have a conversation where LMA is asked if she knows where she comes from. She says, "From mommy's belly." Mrs. A says, "Before that?" LMA says, "Um, can you give me a hint?"

Year Six -
By this time she's had her hair dyed about 8 times (couple shades of pink and red and black and a few to get back to her normal color), a broken arm and two missing teeth. She sings like a cat, plays like a dog and reads like a 3rd grader. She still jumps on her trampoline...

...and her brother.

And at some point she ate a lightning bug.

Happy Birthday little lady.

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