More Proof Companies are Fleecing Artists

Read this and tell me you aren't a bit outraged.

Yeah, that's right. My image is being used for a pornographic movie called 'Body Magic'.
Did they have permission? Did they hell.
This happened a few months back (well, since I found out). Somebody noted me saying this company was using one of my pictures.. actually let me get this straight - a SELF PORTRAIT that I took at the age of FOURTEEN.

Then I want you to write about it in your journals. Post it on your message boards. Put a bit in your podcast about it. This is the third time I've seen something like this in the last month alone. I'm almost afraid to go looking for art I've done or photos Mrs. A has done. (Although to be honest, I don't have anything worth stealing.)

But this has to stop. I don't mind people using my image to illustrate a point, all my stuff is under Creative Commons. But this is just appalling...even for the porn industry.

Carry on.

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