First off, my little girl will be 6 next week.


I take solace in knowing that she gets upset if I don't put on my season one DVD of Transformers. She just walks around the house whining, "Optimus Prime! Optimus Prime!"

G-man is still at the age where he is both a lion and a princess.

So last night, Mrs. A is telling LMA a story. She had come down asking for something - a cup of water, handful of grapes, whatever - and Mrs. A told her to come sit with her on the couch. At first she asked LMA to tell her a story and she did. I didn't hear that part. What I did hear was Mrs. A telling LMA a story that paralleled the Gift of the Magi. Details were different, but the theme was the same; two people loved each other and did something for the other that rendered the other's gift useless. In Mrs. A' story the girl cut her hair to buy buttons for the boy's nice coat and the boy sold his coat to buy a nice brush for the girl.

Mrs. A finishes the story and LMA and I share an "oh my" look. She then says, "Oh man, I bet he doesn't like her anymore!"

We woke G-man up we were laughing so hard.

Carry on.

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