Drawing Update

Since I have no commissions right now, I'm going back to the 700 Lists. Mrs. A's sister and brother in law in Houston gave me a sketchbook in a nice leather binder for Christmas and I haven't done anything in it yet. I've decided to try and fill it up with as many of the 700 Robots as I can, then maybe sell the sketchbook (keep the binder) and then start another one. Each book is 110 pages so I'll be going through 7 sketchbooks.

I did 6 yesterday, just pen, no color. Even if I kept up with that rate, it'll take me 5 months to get them all drawn. It'll probably be more like a year since I don't see me drawing 6 robots every day straight for 5 months.

But, weirder things have happened.

G-man's birthday is coming up and we'll probably end up getting him a bed. We did the same thing for LMA on her 2nd Christmas. G-man's been ready for a bed for a while now, the front of the crib's been gone for a good year at least. I'm sure we'll get him some toys or clothes or books as well. 2 and 3 are weird ages. They know what toys are and what toys are theirs, but little or no concept of time and thus of birthdays. His memory is getting longer, but it's still stuck in "today." He remembers some things over many days, but I'd be stunned if he knew what a day was, let alone that his birthday was coming up.

By four he should be more aware of that and possibly even ask for certain things. Which makes it easy now to get them things they need and just wrap them. It sounds mean, but until 3, you could probably wrap toys they already have and they'd be happy with it.

That's all for now.

Carry on.

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