Happy Birthday Little Man

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Today is G-man's 3rd birthday. Three years and some hours ago Gregory Powell came into the world to a loving family.

To me, the biggest thing that happened on this date before G-man's birth was the debut of Star Wars, on this day, in 1977. On his 3rd birthday, the geek world is celebrating the 30th anniversary of the beginning of the franchise.

Also on this date, the US tested nuclear blasts in 1989 and 1967. The Golden Gate Bridge opened in 1937. In 1896 the Dow Jones index began with an index of 12 stocks.

On this date in 2007, Gregory turns 3. Like his sister, he got a bed. We also found a couple tubs of toys from the last move, so it's like he got a bunch of new things. Three is a weird age. They want to open presents, but I think just to open them. I don't think they know what the significance is until they're four. He got a Spider-Man bed spread and pillow case to go with his bed as those things are more permanent than toys or clothes.

I'm also making banana bread for him as he doesn't much like cake. Mrs. A got the mix and some spice cake. Maybe he'll like those. He doesn't eat sweets or candy, just doesn't like them. He likes bread, pasta and spicy foods (salsa, peppery stuff, etc.) Which is cool with me, we share the chips at Mexican food restaurants.

G-man is a sweet child, loves his sister and his parents. He's got a great laugh and loves to be tickled and at this age still has all the little squeezable parts for tickling. His vocabulary is skyrocketing and he loves to say "al-ah-zizor" for alligator. His favorite show is "backyardidedans" (Backyardigans) and his favorite food is muffins.

I hope he has many happy years to come in his childhood and I hope we do our part to provide that for him.

Happy Birthday lil' dude.

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