Heroes, Photographers and Aritsts

Mrs. A goes in today to get her picture taken so they can make her a new press pass with her AP credentials. She shot an event at the Dell Diamond last night for The Bachelor.

Yeah, that Bachelor.

Apparently there's something going on with this show in Austin. So Mrs. A got to meet the staffing producer and assoc. staffing producer of the show and a couple of the Missus-To-Bes and get some shots.

With her AP creds.

Monkey Face

Today is Lil Miss Austin's graduation from kidergarten. This is also her last week of school. Next week I'll be getting pleading calls from home asking me to come take over because Mrs. A will have both kids at home for three months.

LMA's going to camp.

We've looked at a few camps, mostly gymnastics and dancing, but LMA has said she wants to do either ice skating or math camp. I thought that was surprising. And before you ask, it's not a full summer type camp; she's too young for that. This would be more like school for a couple weeks. Drop her off, pick her up. Two weeks later it's done. Do another one.

We'll see how it goes.

***Spoilers, don't read this Joe.***

The season finale of Heroes was on last night. I was really looking forward to it, but it turns out I could have made a couple educated guesses as to what would happen and then made myself a sandwich. It was a really boring season finale with few small sparks of "Ooo, here it goes" unrequited geekiness. Every time something cool could have happened, they broke to commercial or a new scene.

The show doesn't have plot holes, it has plot craters. Peter Petrelli has this ability to absorb other peoples' powers. Sylar also has this ability, but he has to eat their brains (well, doesn't he?) to get it. The entire show has come down to one climactic moment. Both Peter and Sylar have gained power from a radioactive time bomb of a man, Ted Sprague. The Painter has predicted that a nuclear blast will go off in the middle of New York and kill hundreds of thousands of people. So, who will be the bomb; Peter or Sylar?

Turns out it was neither. Peter exploded, but his brother Nathan (who is a flying congressman) zipped his brother into the high air rather than serve out his predestined role of bringing NY and America out of the terrible tragedy that was the explosion. Oh, and the time/space shifting Hiro finally kills Sylar, just like the comic book said.

So, here's my problems.

1) Peter can fly on his own. He absorbed his brother's power. If I were Peter, I'd be keeping a tight mental list of the things I could do. Any infant video game player knows this. Always know your moves. Nathan sacrifices himself so he can sacrifice himself. No one says, "Hey, Pete. Can't you fly?"

2) Illusionist girl says her natural state is a big fat chick and she'd rather not show that to anyone. Yet, when unconscious, she doesn't revert back to her normal body. Not that I think there's a needed hole to be filled where overweight actors and actresses are concerned, but dangit, read your own script people!

3) Reading Minds Cop gets shot with his own bullets (re: Sylar) and as the paramedics are wheeling him off to the ER, the little Cerebro girl stops them and takes an agonizingly long time to say, "Don't die po-wees man. Yor my hee-whoa." Thanks kid, he died while you trundled that pathos out.

4) Hiro trains with his dad, Sulu, for a long time during the last episode. Long enough that his friend Scooby-Ando could buy his own sword and go after the brain-loving Sylar. After Hiro apparently becomes a bad-ass (not my words) he saves Ando and then shows up later to kill Sylar....by running at him screaming for a distance of no less than 20 yards. We've already seen that Sylar is almost faster than the blink of an eye and has stopped Hiro before, yet now with this Gallipoli like run, he calmly pushes a sword through Sylar. No neat warp jumps or time freezes, no kick ass moves his dad just spent a day teaching him. He just shouts like a Scotsman and charges.

5) It's the middle of New York (Kirby Plaza if you believe that, filmed in LA with an LA landmark so obvious even I knew about it) and yet there are only the cast members in attendance. No bystanders, no passerbys, no cabs, no street vendors. This must be New York, Montana and they just didn't tell us.

6) The forensic cops miss a trail of blood that was Sylar going into a manhole cover 10 yards a way. That's some fine detective work, Lou.

7) One of the side characters was this guy called The Haitian. He had two abilities. One, he could erase memories. Two, he could negate your powers if you were near him. All this mother had to do was walk over to Sylar and he'd be rendered bullet-able.

Don't give me a way out and then not use it. A show like this, you have to give yourselves two ways out, no more. One way you're constantly showing me and one that you aren't. Then at the end, switch the possible endings and get a big paint brush loaded with surprise to drag across my face. Don't set up 146 possible ways the story could end, otherwise guys like me will feel write shit like this.

So, they saved the Cheerleader, and she did jack-shit at the end. No one really died that we know of except nuclear guy, the painter and a handful of red-shirted mutants from earlier in the series.

The only cliff hanger is what Hiro is going to do now that he's in Feudal era Japan.


I was more excited about seeing what looked like Galactus's helmet shadow on Saturn during the Fantastic Four trailer. If I'm that excited about THE FANTASTIC FOUR TRAILER, you guys didn't do your job.

This is either a hint or not, you take it as you will.

How about this. I could use some markers. I have some now, and will get some more as paychecks eventually roll in over my lifetime, but howzabout we make a deal.

If, say, this were to come in the mail in the next week or so, or the amount to purchase the item were to be carelessly misplaced into a paypal account somewhere along with an address, I might be inclined to offer in trade a lot of artwork that would produced by this item. I MIGHT be inclined to do a large, 11x17 robotized portrait of the erstwhile contributor. I MIGHT include prints of other drawings I've done as well. Let's say I'd be very moved toward return at least twice that much in artwork.

I'm just saying. It's not like I'm doing tons of robot portraits right now anyway. (Curse you 'net obscurity!!)

If not, I'll buy it for myself as a birthday present.

Carry on.

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