So it's been a few weeks, hasn't it? So much has happened, yet it feels like so little.

First, we never heard back from the doctor about LMA's finger. I'd like to think that after you make the trip to the office AND the radiologist, someone would have the temerity to call you and put your mind at ease. These people must work for CPS or something.

Anyway, she's fine. Pilgrim is fine. We're all dandy.

Mrs. Austin, actually, is a little more dandy than the rest of us. Not to spoil anything, but she has an interview with Austin Monthly magazine to be a freelance photographer. Please help me in wishing her the very best. She's put together a portfolio that's pretty stunning so I can't imagine anything but good news coming out of this. I hope me writing about it doesn't jinx it.

Mrs. A's also got press passes to the UIL State Band Competition that's going on tomorrow in San Antonio. She'll be going in an official capacity as photojournalist. I'll be going in an unoffocial capacity as baby wrangler. This is a dream come true of Mrs. A. Taking pictures of lots of marching bands from the comfort of the press box. The rest of us will be freezing our tuckases off in the fridged mid 60's. (Don't get me started on these people and their weather.

But that's not why you're here, to listen to me prattle on about climate and lenses. You want pictures of small people in cheaply made store bought costumes so you can say "Awwww" and quickly check your printers to make sure there's enough of the colored tanks to print off a good 8 1/2 x 11.

Well who am I to deny you such pleasures.

Friendly neighborhood Spidermidget

If there's anything more adorable than a little girl with wings, I haven't found it.

Halloween was pretty good for all involved. Our friends came over and brought LMA's little friend, the The Funky Fairy. So the two fairies hit the town with their bags and buckets, all geared up for a fun filled evening of spooks, kooks and candy. I must say I was a little dissappointed in our neighborhood's lack of holiday cheer, or, ghoulishness. It's simple people, if you don't want Trick-or-Treaters, turn off your light. If you have your light on, have a bowl of candy. If you leave your house, turn your light off. It's not like this day sneaks up on anyone. "Holy Crap, Linda. You didn't tell me today was Halloween. I have no time to prepare!"

We hit one house where there was a light on, decorations out front, door was open and the lady inside actually ignored the doorbell and the trick or treating. Two faries spurned. Funky Fairy's dad made the observation that we had forgotten to bring eggs for houses such as this.

Here here! I say. Egg and TP these houses until they get the message. As I watched the two girls eating candy and watching The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, I thought back to my childhood and how it seemed every house on the block was lit up and smiling adults with bowls of candy sat expectantly by the front door. Now it's a gamble if you're getting a good house or a crack house and the streets are darker and darker and the kids are getting lazier and lazier. It's not the joyous time I remember anymore, and I'm sad for LMA and Chubbin that they won't know the safety we knew.

Of course, I've also married into a family that doesn't have anyone throwing a football around after Thanksgiving dinner. So maybe it's the state, maybe it's the times.

Maybe it's that I'm old.

Quiet you!

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