That's "Mrs." Shutterbug to you!

Our readers may not realize this, but a good 90% of the photos you see here are taken by our resident shutterbug, Mrs. Austin.

When we two met back in the misty realm of yesteryear, Mrs. A had aspirations for two things, pyschology and photography. Her father was a photographer, well at least he had a lot of equipment. I actually haven't seen him even touch a camera in 7 years. Mrs. A says that he was a good photographer when she was a kid but at some point he just stopped.

That leaves her to carry on, as it were, in her father's footsteps.

To that end I'm very proud to announce that Mrs. A has her first official freelance gig with Austin Monthly Magazine. For those who've visited our house, that's the magazine that comes out each May with the 100 things to do in whatever year it is. Starting January, the magainze will contact her and give her assignments. I'm assuming they would be local. However, she's also been in touch with Texas Monthly, and that would allow her more exotic Texas locations, like El Paso...


All kidding aside, I couldn't be happier for her. She's doing what she wants to do and making it happen all by herself. She doesn't rely on anyone's charity or ride any coat tails. She is her own PR firm and a force to be reckoned with. I'm feel lucky to be her husband.

Good job.

Going back to the election, I was reminded independently of two points.

1) You can be a liberal AND a Christian AND live in Texas.

2) The Presidential race isn't as important as local races. The President is just someone for the French to hate.

Both good points. In my maudlin haze of the post election build up and news frenzy, I probably overlooked several key local events. So let's pick them up.

We got light rail. I won't be able to use it because it can't drop me and LMA off at school and it won't go anywhere near my work. But I did vote for it because it's progress. Yeah, yeah. Taxes will go up. We'll pay for it and not use it. I'll tell you what, if a 2% increase in propertay tax means I don't have to sit on the 360 bridge for 20 minutes every morning, sign me up.

11 states voted for a state level constitutional ban on gay marriage. Mississippi passed it by 92%.

An Oklahoma Senator (Tom Coburn? Someone find me facts...) said that not only is he against abortion, voting to ban partial birth, but is in favor of instituting the death penalty to any doctor found in violation of that ban. So, kill the doctor if he's found violating the sanctity of life that is childbirth. How positively Aesopian.

But that's about it. The Republicans, thanks to redistricting, now have a stranglehold on the congressional seats, so much so I voted for a write in candidate on the sole point of him being a Democrat. It was either that of vote for 1 of 2 republicans. I've seen more equal representation in Thunderdome. Not even locally do I feel the Democrats held or gained any ground or had their voices heard.

But I digress. Mrs. A and I won't even watch West Wing now. Well, that and it sucks any more. Killing Leo was weak as shit. But I've stopped listening to NPR, watching the Daily Show; I'm burned out of anything political.

But it's over now. Time to watch this administration do its job. I know Bush is calling for a unity of all citizens, but unless he changes his stances or allows concessions on certain issues, I'm not standing with him. But I will support his right to lead.

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