Ok, so to recap...

I've missed a few things on our lovely board that my dear viewers (I need a nickname for you guys, like Dean's Army) haven't been made aware of.

First, my brother was married at the end of September. After a long battle with wedding planning, the day went quite well. This would officially be their second wedding as the first was in Hawaii. Very few could actually attend that one, so they had a lavish ceremony at the Grant Humphrey's Mansion in Denver.

Lil Miss Austin was the flower girl and I was technically the ring bearer but there wasn't really a little kid ring bearer like you'd think. I had one ring, another bride's maid had the other. The funny thing was, it was a jewish ceremony so I had to bobby-pin a yarmulka on my big poofda hair. Very clown like.

The whole family went, and some had more fun that others.

Not much else is going on here lately. Pilgrim is starting some solid food, ooching around the floor quite well and we believe, last night at Red Lobster, he officially cut his first tooth. Pretty traumatic for him, but we were pretty excited. Mrs. Austin said LMA cut her first tooth on the same day. Hmm.

He's also working on sitting, but his head is so big it keeps dragging him down. I think that's why his legs are so chubby, he needs some kind of ballast for his enourmous head. (It's like a gr-r-rapfr-ruit on a toooothpick.)

LMA had a scare yesterday. Our garage door into the house is spring loaded and set to close on it's own. Well the spring is really strong (or hydraulics or whatever it's on) and tends to slam digits and arms and heads and cats between its mass and the door jam. I can sense you know what's going to happen. LMA was trying to open it and it shut on her little finger. I don't mean little like, aw, she's just so little, I mean her pinkie finger. So Mrs. Austin did her best with a mangled little finger and sent her off to school, knowing you can't set a baby finger, and told the teachers to watch her in case she went into shock. A far fetched thing to happen. In all likelyhood it just got pinched badly.

We still had to get an x-ray that evening.

Haven't heard anything yet.

On the positive side, our little man doesn't like to sleep! What a glorious day this is. It'd be ok if I had some hockey to watch in the evenings. Mrs. Austin and I have this weird arrangement in which if he wakes up I'll get him and she'll feed him, but then it falls apart around there. After I get him, she falls asleep feeding him and I go to another room. Well lately we've been TRYING to get him into his own bed more often, which seems to be working. He knows how to fall asleep, but it's only for about 90 minutes.


Such is life. At least we remain cool.

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