Sorry Everybody. You all, everybody!

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What I'd like is for someone to explain to me, like I was a 5 year old, is why 51% of America (man you're gonna get tired of that number) thinks it's ok to teach creationism in school. Yes, school is a place of learning, but I'm talking about public high schools and middle schools, not parochial schools that are backed by the church. I pay taxes that go toward funding of public education, so I'd like to know why my kids may be taught something I don't believe. If you want to teach creationism, send your kids to catholic school. If you want to teach science, send your kid to a public school. I don't understand why we have to suddenly include all these faith based ideas in government run institutions. It's almost as if the leader of the country is trying to use his religious beliefs to create some kind of Moral Law...

...oh wait.

Heavily religious groups, some call them Right Wing Nutbags but you won't read that here, are using this latest GOP win for the White House and Congress to push as many little nuggets of Christian brimstone down the public's throat while they have 4 years to do so, and it sticks in my craw because I'm paying for it. My wages are being taxed so I can discriminate against gays, teach my child that although science has shown the world to be 4.55 billion years old, they will also learn that God made the Earth 6,000 years ago. So, is that confusing? Probably as confusing as why states from Nevada to Ohio believe in turning the other cheek and forgiveness and acceptance, but collect weapons and remain bigoted toward any number of non-white, non-straight, almost non-male groups.

Taxation without representation.

I don't mind if you say, in a school, "Here are the main tenants of Catholicism or Buddhism or Islam." I don't mind if you include abstinence as 1 of the many, and the most effective method of birth control. I don't mind if you say how dangerous abortion is and how adoption is a better alternative. But you HAVE to make sure we know they are alternatives and not the only choice.

Text books in Texas will now say marriage is between a man and a woman and abstinence is the only method of birth control. So, sex is dirty unless you're married and according to Texas schoolbooks, there is no such thing as gay sex.

Fuck that.

I know, I know. Sour grapes. I can sit here and quietly (because, let's face it, all 5 of my readers...) snipe from this laptop about how I'm pissy at not having my candidate win the election, but this is the only way I can express myself with the voting complete. I will not back this president to heal the country. I will not reach out to Christian Republicans with the olive branch in hopes we can build a stronger country.

I won't because this administration and this constituency of hatred, bigotry and ignorance is not something I want to be a part of. I will fight to change it. I will get active locally. I will spend money, time and effort to support the candidates who believe as I do. I will battle tooth and nail, and I will fail.

Because this country is run by old white Baptists and Lutherans and Catholics. It's not run by Mexican or Korean Christians, Black Buddhists, Arabic Islamists, Gay men or women, Pagans, 18-35 year olds. Until my voice is represented equally, I will fight a failing battle, a retracted front. But that equality is a long time off, because apparently, 51% of American is old, white, and Christian.

Sorry World.

I wanted to say that with the lack of hockey going on, I've been watching less TV. West Wing let me down since Sorkin left. (I even found out Leo's NOT dead. Assholes.) That was the main goal of this post, I don't know who wrote that first part.

On the plus side, everyone still needs to watch Lost and Scrubs. Best shows on right now. Even if you can catch Futurama or the Daily Show on cable, do so. Futurama was too close to the Simpsons to be effective. Removed for a few months and moved to cartoon network for reruns, it's become a new favorite and a silently genius of a show.

Here's some pictures.

Couple of sleepyheads being cozy.

Have to get her started early.

George and his new neighboor friend, Meo.

Don't let this fool you, this is 0.01% of his day.

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