Four more years of winter.

It's 12:14am, November 2nd, 2004.

I've been watching TV since 6pm.

I've been watching my country and my fellow citizens alienate me and leave me wondering why we are called a homogenous people.

Yeah, CNN is balking at calling Ohio, Fox News said Bush was president 2 days ago. To me it doesn't matter. As much faith as I had in my candidate, the Robot did better 4 years ago.

So what now? I'm ready to concede. I'm tired of following politics at this point. Even if the outcome were to change, or was different from the get go, I'd be tired of it. You know why? I'm not in the majority and I'm tired of fighting about it.

I'm tired of thinking gays have the right to get married because they are human and humans have rights. I'm tired of thinking it's odd that people believe in capital punishment but have the temerity to be Right To Lifers. I'm tired of hearing people thinking a goofy ass, knuckle-dragging, good ol' boy who couldn't find North Korea on a map, much less the weapons being held there, is a better leader than a war vet with an Ivy league education and a rich wife.

I want to say "Screw you!" to all the W fans, but I'd be pissing off friends and family, so I'll leave it at this...

Congratulations. You now have four more years of war mongering. Four more years of realizing pointless tax cuts are better than reducing government spending. Four more years of environmental law rivaling Chernobyl recovery. Four more years of "I hate you because my Bible tells me to."

So yeah, if you're happy with all that, congratulations. I plan to silently go insane while I watch Jon Stewart cry on national TV because he too is tired, but happy that he's got 4 years of limitless material.

I'd move to Canada, but the NHL moved down here. Dammit.

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