Cervical Cancer is for Pussies.

Monkey in the tree
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Couple weeks ago, Ms. A found a painful lump in her pelvis. It was a swollen lymph node because her body was trying to fight off cancerous lesions on her cervix. It was early stage and malignant.

She went to the doctor and they froze off the lesions and some surround tissue. The biopsy came back positive but it also showed that they got all the harmful cells. She's still in some pain as her body recovers from the activity of fighting off and the procedure to remove it.

Her family has a history (like so many of ours do) and she's already had some skin work done. Currently other than some pain, she's doing well, but this discovery means she'll need to up her check ups to several a year to make sure that if anything starts coming back they can get to it quickly. It's good that they did this time and her prognosis is quite good, nearly excellent.

Still, it was a big scare and it came on the heels of her dad's wedding. Shortly after the procedure we drove 14 hours round trip to Odessa which of course didn't help her recovery. Seen the picture above, she also insisted that she climb a tree to help hang decorations. We had to kick her out of the tree and finish them without her, about which she wasn't happy. Turns out, Ms. A doesn't like people taking care of her so we have to duct tape her to a chair and tell her to shut up and relax.

Drinking helps.

Other than that, we're all good. My non-broken finger makes me feel like a whiny baby so I'm probably not going to mention any more injuries or ailments. My tombstone will say, "I told you fuckers I was sick."

That's all, carry on.

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