Mystery Tales #40 - The Lost Comic

In episode 11 of Lost’s fourth season, “Cabin Fever,” Richard Alpert comes to a young John Locke with the Dali Llama test. First thing’s first — Richard is perpetually 45 years old. The only change in his appearance that I’ve seen to date is the length of his hair when he first met Benry Gailinus.

Richard produces several items for consideration; some everyday, some rather nefarious. He asks John to pick which ones are “his.” After some consideration, John picks a compass or watch, a small vial of sand, a Book of Laws and a worn knife. Richard is disturbed and leaves suddenly. I-I-I-I want the knife….pleeease.

What Locke didn’t pick up was the Mystery Tales #40. Comic books seem to play a small but fan teasing role on Lost. The first sighting being the Spanish translated Green Lantern and Flash “Faster Friends” issue in which Walt sees a polar bear. Because of that tie-in, seeing another comic book at such a pivotal moment sent fanboys into a lather trying to figure out if it had any meaning...

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