Happy Father's Day

Backyard Softball
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To all you dad's out there, I hope you have a great day with your children. I hope they made you breakfast, brought you coffee, let you sleep in, let you watch the TV you wanted to watch and will behave for you when you go to dinner tonight.

I hope you older dads are proud of your grown up kids. I hope they're proud of you and you can share a nice moment remembering what it was like when you were small and unruly. I hope you can share stories of times when you'd poop in the bathtub, eat bugs, swear for the first time, blow things up with firecrackers and how you tortured your siblings.

For you new dads, I hope you can find a way to enjoy this time. The first couple years are scary and it's hard to find the rewards, but keep in mind you're their rock. They'll grow around you and soon enough will think and act on their own. Be happy for the little things and do what you can to help your kids become good people. Not everyone is a scientist or world leader, but everyone can be a good person and it takes good dads to start them on the right path.

Happy Father's Day. Hope you liked your ties.

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