Happy Friday the 13th

So not a lot going on lately, but I thought I'd at least try to get something important down here.

I've started doing some reviews for Television Zombies. I like the style of site they have going. It's a good podcast and they've been really upbeat about asking for call ins and emails and contributions. Seeing as the two things I seem to be doing lately are writing things online and watching TV, it was an easy transition to writing about things I like that other people can read. TVZ posts reviews and news about Sci-Fi TV shows and their podcast is very entertaining and usually full of good information. I've had many "Oh, I didn't know that!" moments listening to them. If you're a fan of sci-fi TV (Lost, Doctor Who, BSG, etc) you should definitely check them out.

Yesterday I won tickets to a Father's Day screening of Wall*E at the Alamo Drafthouse here in Austin. (AICN) A friend sent a link to the contest asking people to email reasons why you're geek enough to get these tickets. I emailed links to my Flickr robot sets and I think that probably did it. So for Father's Day I get to take LMA to see a movie about robots. How cool is that?

Someone in the comments suggested I create an account at RedBubble and make some shirts. I've done so and put up my favorite Zombie/Groundhog design. That's all for now as I want to do some new designs rather than post up all the old crap I've done. There was a Boing Boing post about an online store called Atomic Tarantula and they've got some great designs, but the shirts were $32 dollars. I made the comment that these are great ideas for me to use to make my own shirts on Zazzle for myself and someone (Will of the unknown email) suggested RedBubble and that they'd buy an "1138" shirt. So now I feel obligated, but a little sneaky knowing I'd have to change the design just a bit. But, that may be a new line of designs; sci-fi. Maybe TVZ would like to go in on it with me. I know Chris Piers (of the TVZ group) is also a graphic designer and illustrator and one of the other contributors is another Penciljack dude, seems like a good idea.

I've been doing some sketches lately. Just ballpoint pen on index cards. My finger still hurts and I'm going to figure out how to make myself call the doctor to get it looked at, but I need to draw again. I tried left-handed and while it worked ok, I don't want to have to relearn AND get these ideas out at the same time. A little bit of pain for the art.

I haven't talked much about the political landscape in a while. I just haven't felt the motivation. There are issues I still feel strongly about but just not enough to dedicate to a full post or series of discussions. Most of the people I know feel the same way so even we don't talk about it much. Hard to debate things when everyone agrees. Thought I think Scott and I would probably go a few rounds. We grew up together but different lives since then have made us different people and while I have liberal tendencies (gay marriage, pro choice, immigration reform, socialize medicine) I don't like big government. It's not that I don't think people aren't capable of running a democracy or republic, I just don't think it's worked so well lately. I don't want the gov't controlling everything, but I feel there are some things that should be handled at the federal level, some at the state, and some things shouldn't be handled at all. I think a major problem is no one at the private sector level is actively involved any more and we're just sheep being lead around; disagreeing with everything, but not taking a stand on it. (With exception, of course. Most of the folks I know are active in even local elections and campaigns. It's the rest I'm worried about.)

So that's the news for Lake Woebegone, where the women are strong, the men are good looking, and the children are above average.

Carry on.

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