Thumbs up for school!

Thumbs up for school!
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Today is LMA's first day of first grade.

The school was crowded as parents flooded the miniature parking lot. There was apparently a meet and greet for parents and kids and teachers some time last week but it was at 3pm and there's no way I'd have made it and no one told us about it anyway.

It was strange. After we registered, they didn't send us home with any information, nothing came in the mail, we didn't get a phone call. Nothing saying, "And there will be an introductory meeting on August whatever to meet the teacher, see your room, learn the rules, etc." We just showed up and there's a list on the door with the kids names and their teacher.

So we drop LMA off at her class. G-man is with us. She doesn't want to go in because everyone is already there. G-man doesn't want her to leave and he wants to go play on the playground. Mrs. A is crying - as to be expected. And of course I wasn't allowed to talk or touch her or she'd cry more. (In all honesty, I'm not allowed to do that anyway, but this time she had a good reason.)

But LMA settled down, backpack and all and last I saw her she was coloring. I hope she has a good day.

Carry on.

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