Robot Drawing News

The folks at Robogames.net were pretty happy with their drawings. I'm glad people like them as I have a good time doing them. They take about 20 mins to draw and about an hour to get online and into a video so that's a good block of time I can set aside for myself. I put my head phones on or have a bad old movie playing on TCM. It's nice.

Last night after that article was posted I got another order from some folks working with real robots at MIT. (I'm guessing it's MIT, that's what the email address said.) Anyway, the client says they work on writing algorithms for grasping to be used on a Barrett Arm. The Barrett Arm (or Barrent WAM) is a commercially available arm used in space exploration, manufacturing and surgical applications.

I should say that robots built for art and sport are no less real than those built for moon rovers or brain surgery. Both require a level of skill and talent that I don't have. So I draw cartoons about them.

Their robot's name is Lludd, after a Welsh folk hero who lost his arm in battle and had it replaced by a silver one.

I know you can't see me, but I did a happy dance when I got the email. I know it's not like they wanted to pay me tons of money, but the idea that someone working with robots wanted one somehow makes it all worth while. Between that and the Robogames folks, I think there's a niche.

Carry on.

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