Comic Updates

So I think I've got the toon thing figured out. Comicspace has a feature called Tooncasting in which you can upload pictures to a gallery and if you have Tooncasting enabled, it generates some java script that people can use to display the strip on their site. I tweaked my Blogger site here to include an element at the top of the page. As soon as I have some strips to work with, and I can upload them to Comicspace, I can put my own code into that element. The cool thing is I can set them to show up at a certain date. So let's say I plan on updating every Tuesday and Friday, but I get a bunch done at once. I can upload them and say not to make it available until later, almost ensuring I'll update when I say I will.

I'm excited.

Another bit of exciting news is I got an order for three robots from RoboGames, formerly the ROBOlympics or The Robot Society of America. It's a pretty big thing for robot designers - I believe a lot of Battle Bot guys came from this group. I hope they like the drawings and maybe more people will see them and want one for themselves. That also means I have to get cracking. They don't take long to draw (about 20 minutes) but I want to again do videos and that takes a bit of time.

Carry on.

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