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Well, there are officially two days left of Summer Vacation. Lil Miss Austin starts 1st grade on Tuesday. This was Friday night. I let her stay up with me on the weekends. Most of the time I'm watching movies or drawing and she watches cartoons or plays her games online. We were watching Futurama till about 12:30. She didn't quite make it.

Yesterday I played football for the first time in probably 10 years. During the week I take my lunch hours every other day to drive over to Mrs. Austin's brother's office to play basketball with him and his coworkers. They decided to try football on the weekend so I drove out to Cedar Park to play.

Man am I old.

Shortly before I left, I squatted down to talk to G-man about something and I "messed up" my knee. I didn't think about it until I got to the high school and got out of the car and had to limp over to the field. Well, I didn't want to bail because it was pretty sad that I drive all that way and then not be able to play, so I was quarterback for the first few plays until my knee loosened up. It never really did.

So I gimped around as best I could. I could run full out with no problem, but it was the slow runs I had a problem with. I ended up scoring a couple touchdowns and getting an interception and throwing a touch down or two, but there's no glory in coming home beat like a prisoner of war. It was good exercise, that's for sure. It just reiterates the fact that I'm not young enough or in shape enough to do that very often. I'm hoping if I do basketball and this, maybe, three times a week it'll start being more effective and won't leave me laid up for two days icing joints and taking ibuprofen.

Plus, it's Texas in August, so it was 137°. I'm sure the headache I had was a bit of sunstroke.

Yeah I do this for fun.

So the rest of the day I had planned to draw and get some robots done and my LIA strips, but I was mostly hobbling around the house grumbling silently and trying to keep the kids off my knee.

Good times. Carry on.

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