Back in the Saddle

After that last pity post I thought it'd be better to just get my ass back to work. I finished lettering a book for Daniel Cox, a UK writer of some pop sci-fi and urban books (really worth checking out,) and I've got another lettering gig to get through. Dan's stuff required a lot of thinking and trying new things, it wasn't traditional. It took a while to get done right, I hope he's happy with the work. This new gig is the same number of pages, but doesn't seem to be as challenging, it's more traditional, shouldn't take but a couple days.

After that I have to get a flushmount for Mrs. A done. Flushmounts are a weird animal. They're relatively easy to do, the hard part is getting all the 70-100 pictures out of sometimes 2,000 raw images. After that it's just a matter of assembling the pictures more or less in the same format time after time.

I've also got some more robots to scan and a few other drawings to get started. A fellow stationed in the Middle East contacted me to do a commission for him as well but that won't be until October.

But right now I'm recovering from a wicked head cold. Apparently one of the kids picked up something when they were at the doctor's office and gave it to both me and Mrs. A. I left work early yesterday and I'm at home now. I spent all night in an Advil Cold-n-Sinus induced stupor, unable to fall asleep. Mrs. A spent yesterday in similar misery, barely able to watch the kids and work. Today I'm a bit better, but still weak, achy, stuffed up and coughing. I'm truly amazed at how much snot my head can produce. We were out of tissue so I was carrying a roll of TP around with me to keep blowing my nose and plugging it when it just decided to leak. In about 6 hours I ran out of that roll and had to get a new one.

It's odd that I've suddenly found a bit of motivation just as my body starts battling an invasion.

I've also decided to possibly do some interviews for the 100 Artists Project. Probably be a good addition to the site and give some folks some exposure. The initial push from Drawn! has dropped off and so far we're up to 64 drawings. It's an impressive feat, but we're still short. I'm still a bit sad that all the people on PJ that signed up haven't come through. I shouldn't be surprised, it's like rooting for your home team that you know has a losing record. You know you're going to be let down, but you cheer them on anyway.

So I'm drinking fluids and watching CNN now and I don't expect to move a lot until this cold goes away - which I hope is soon.

Carry on.

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