Nothing new to report.

Seriously. Status Quo. You'll know when we do. Not that I'm tired of getting phone calls asking about Mrs. Austin's health, I'm just finding it hard to write about anything else. Frankly, there's nothing else going on.

To give you and indication of how little is going on, we have 1 new photo in the past 2 weeks.

I'll let you soak that up a bit. It's been a slow few weeks at work and Mrs. A's been going cuckoo at home by herself. The term "mow the roof" has come up a couple times, in jest, commenting on how she is looking for anything to do. The house has never been cleaner, Lil Miss Austin's lunches are all made the night before. Errands that have been put off for months have been done. It's like having a personal assistant. Well, it's like having a personal assistant that requires random naps and chocolate and might occasionally fall over.

Seriously. Those visiting will notice the front bathroom has some new tile and the hedges have been expertly trimmed.

Nesting my ass, this is Bob Villa shit. A blitzkrieg of home improvement on the eve of the New One's arrival.

Which leaves me to do little at all aside from trudging through the day to day and coming home to be a walking brace and answering service.

So now I have this place to update, so I will.

The Avs are out of the playoffs. They were stopped 2 games short of being only the 3rd team in NHL history to come back from a 3-0 game deficit is the playoffs. I have to tell you, unlike most years, I'm not terribly saddened or shocked that this happened. Most times I'd be grumpy for days, eschewing all hockey related news and events the moment the Avs were ousted. Not this time. I'm still visiting NHL.com to get the latest news on the CBA and to see if any other deals are being made. I'm actually quite hopeful the Flames will do well this time and bring the Cup back to Canada. I figure we killed a couple Canadians in the war, they can have the prize back.

But let's face it, the Avs were anything but a powerhouse this year. And it's the end of an era I believe. Detroit, Dallas and Colorado, perennial favorites each year, looked pretty sick this time around. The aging Red Wings barely able to keep up with the younger teams, the battered Stars not being able to generate offense and the scattered Avs having their team daily reconfigured so as to lose all cohesiveness. When I look at the teams that are left, I'm quite surprised, namely at the Southern California and Floridian teams. There's not even any ice for your drinks in these places much less to skate on. It's just not natural.

Forsberg is gone. Let him go. Stop being so clingy. The Kariya/Selanne deal was a bust. Cash them out and send them back to the Ducks. Abby is still a good prospect, Svatos looks promising. But dammit Lacroix, stop wheeling and dealing for a while. Let these guys get some chemistry. The CBA will expire, there will be no agreement and there will be no hockey so let it rest for a year, play with what's left when the dust settles. I'm ok with it. Denver'd be ok with it. We've already got two more championships than the Nuggets and the Rockies.

Moving on, what's left. Oh yeah. We tortured some foreigners. Heck yeah! Go America! Nothing like bombing the shit out of a country to free them from oppressive rule, then take the survivors to the same prisons and do worse things then the original dictator ever conceived. Saddam is in some Cuban safe house thinking, "Naked? A human pyramid? Sweet Fancy Allah that's creative!" But I won't comment on it any further. Others have, I'll leave it to them.

Hey, Friends is over. Lattes for everyone. I don't know. I can't get worked up over this. When you cancel Farscape because it's too expensive, but this show and its billionaire cast lives on for 10 years, I shed no HDTears for you. It's not good riddance, it's just riddance.

I have a beef about people not answering emails. Not people so much, like my friends or family, but people as in giant conglomerates. Embrace the technology you fools!! My whole point is if you put a Contact Us page up, and it has a phone number AND an email, well then answer the god damn emails! What does that say to you as a consumer? That you're voice should only be heard if it's just your voice being heard? Emailing a company larger than, say, a local florist, is like placing a phone call to the Byzantine Era. It's a slap in the face. We're supposed to swallow that bullshit form letter down and pretend we didn't send anything. If companies answered phones like they do email, there would be no companies. I'm going to start picking Fortune 500 companies at random and sending them emails from their web sites with questions like, "Greetings. I am quite interested in dropping inconceivable amounts of cash into advertising with or for your company. I am not the Prince of Syria, I'm an American citizen. Please email me back at your earliest convenience." Then sit back and wait for the Nothing to rear its vacant head.

Man. Need to get off that subject.

I'm still kickin' with the art. The funkiness attributed to not having the time needed to make a solid push into the industry comes and goes with each new issue Jeremy Dale puts out, but I did get my first commission. Someone saw my art and said, "I gots ta have me some of that." I'm a little worried that it's taking me so long to do it, but that's what happens when you've got 30 mins a day to draw. Half that time is getting set up. I know, bitch bitch bitch.

Well, that's about all I've got this time around. Sorry it was mostly blithe filler, but I'm sure soon enough you'll be getting tired of all the baby pictures and the longing for pithy commentary will consume you.

Until then...

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