Last day of the single child parents.

This will be the last entry until, well, probably tomorrow. In slightly more than 24 hours, there will be a new little person in our family. Little Miss Austin will be a big sister. Grandparents will have another child to spoil. The parents will now officially not sleep for another 3 years.

It's a good day to be a daddy.

It is, really. Mrs. Austin has just about had it with this pregnancy. Above it all she just wants to see her new baby and start loving on it. That, and I'm sure she wants to sleep, so guess what I get to do for a few weeks.

That's right, play lots of video games.

No, in all seriousness, I'll be the care giver for a while as Mrs. A recovers and reverts to normal shape and size and sanity. Yet again, I'll be able to exert my influence over a young impressionable mind like a waffle iron on silly puddy. I will mold and shape and train this little one to be probably exactly the same as its older sister; a crazed, hyper, smiling, too smart for her own good, no sleep needing, spazoid. (Or as she says, spazowad.)

It also represents the end of the Tag Era. Before, if one of us was tired or busy or, let's face it, just not in the mood to scoop poop or wipe noses or feed mouths and tummies, we'd just shout TAG and the other, for some strange reason, would be obligated to complete the task at hand. Well what happens now? There will be no tag, and if there is it will be a lesser degree. "Tag! You change this diaper, I'll go pull the other one out of the dryer." Hopefully LMA will start to pull some weight. She's pretty self contained at this point and doesn't require a lot of hands on supervision. A few words and she's done. She's still needy and prone to tantrums, but such is a three year old's existence. We've started cracking down on the giving in all the time because she's cute, in essence creating more instability and cause for breakdowns. At just the right time I might add. Because what you need to do on the eve of a new birth is to start being more stearn with your toddler. Makes for a peaceful and sane household.

I'll wait for the laughter to subside.

So by tomorrow night, there will probably at least be an update. Maybe even pictures. Before you ask, nothing overtly "natural" or "revealing" or "squishy," just some shots of the new kid wearing stock hospital blanket, diaper and hat.

In the mean time, if you want, use the comment section to guess the time of the birth. I'm guessing 2:30pm. Mrs. Austin is guessing 12:00.

We'll also need ideas on what to call this one. If it's a girl, Little Miss Austin 2 will probably be a cop out. Maybe Big Sister and Little Sister. If it's a boy, Little Mr. Austin? That's still LMA. (The things I worry about, I mean really. What a goofy m*th*f*ck*r I've turned into.)

I think maybe Spazoid and Chuckles will work for now.

See you later.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like your daughter is totally whizzing in the tub.