Good Things Come In Threes

Little Miss Austin is officially 3 years old as of Sunday. I'm writing this at work (actually, I write most of these at work) and I'm having to cram two days of work into a couple hours so I can take some time off to be with The Brighton Duo. Notice how I am taking the time to write even though I should be working. It's a theme that has saturated my work days. I like to work really hard for 15 minutes, then mess around for 10. In the course of the day I work probably about 3-4 hours out of the 8-9 I'm here. I'm wandering now, I meant to just put up some birthday pics, but instead I'm rambling on about me.

I'm sure I'll have more about "me" later. For those who are just here for the pictures, you can tune out after these.

On the pregnancy front, the kid has flopped over AGAIN into the breech position. With less than two weeks until arrival, it's looking like this may be a c-section. This is hurting Mrs. Austin for two main reasons. First of all, it physically hurts. This much movement is killing her, for real. Guys, if you plan on having kids, just grasp the fact that there is no pain or level of discomfort you can imagine in the course of your average male life that will compare to what your lady will or has gone through during pregnancy. Yeah, passing a stone I hear is pretty bad. Yeah getting nutmegged with a hockey puck is a little painful. But keep in mind, this is a 9 month endeavor. Could you imagine being wracked every 15 minutes for 3 months? I didn't think so. So just shut up and sit in the corner waiting for your summons to fetch food and administer foot rubs.

At any rate, LMA's 3rd birthday came and went. With some family coming in the next weekend we held off on the big to-do in favor of an inflatable pool-scape in the backyard on an overcast day. LMA doesn't really care one way or the other if her friends are over or not or if mommy and daddy are trying to ruin another grill as long as she can through things in a shallow pool of water and run around screaming at the dog.

Oh cabana boy? Bring me a koolaid.

Arrr! I'm the Littlest Pirate. Avast ye adultlike scallywags!

More toys should come with a water canon.

I cast you into the air. Fly! Be free!

I've nothing further to add. There's apparently something going in the Middle East, but I'm not qualified to even complain about. I'll vote my conscience in November, but until then I'll just listen to NPR and Air America Radio and be quiet.

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