We're close people, I can feel it.

Just a quick update for all you baby watchers. Mrs. Austin and I are enjoying a West Wing while I'm typing this on her new laptop.

I have to say laptop, it's not labtop. At one point in the past, when portable computers were new and plugged into main frames, they were mainly used in laboratory situations and called lab tops.

Come on now, they were. Really.

Ok even if they're not, I have to call this thing a notebook now because my lips can't form two p's in the same word apparently.

And I can't even really say that we're enjoying West Wing right now. It has nothing to do with the absence of Sorkin as the creative drive, it's that Mrs. Austin is terribly uncomfortable with contractions. That's right, evening contractions are now between 8-15 minutes apart. She's packed a suitcase and we've told the people who need to help what to expect. One of the last Dr. visits today revealed that the baby has now flipped over and the head is huge. Not huge like deformed, but huge like "I am not looking forward to pushing that thing out of me" huge. Heartbeat is 147, so maybe a girl.

Yeah, another girl. It's actually pretty cool. Lil Miss Austin is such a groovy kid, having another kinda like her would be fun. But man I don't look forward to being outnumbered. Even more reason for me to ramp up the Muppet demeanor, that'll keep me in the game.

But my mind is wandering. We're close to having this second child now and other than pushing through some painful and uncomfortable contractions, we're oddly calm about it. At least I am, but I'm the one with a laptop...er, notebook on my lap watching the West Wing.

So anyway, I don't expect anything new in the next day or two but I think the next update may have new baby pictures. Maybe some pictures of the current spazoid will hold you over.

Little Miss Austin meets the worlds smallest taco.

The perils of creativity, the inability to find a proper medium.

The perils of being cute and sleepy, mom's always got a camera.

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