Teetering. Frail, latent teetering.

I was going to use this entry to talk about another distinct separation between females and males; namely that chicks can't or won't or don't see an improvement in High Definition picture. However, I was shot down by my better half saying that was an unfair judgment. She does see an improved picture, but right now it's only on 3 of 1000 channels. Was that what we spent all that money on? Three channels? I tried to remind her that cable was expensive at the start and offered, maybe, 15 channels, but the attempt sounded hollow. Any time I try to justify technology it sounds hollow. It's probably because it's a luxury and not needed, so defending your property becomes an exercise in frivolity.

So, I can't write about that.

What I probably can write about is that we've one week, one week, until Austin #2 arrives. I stress the one week part because Mrs. Austin did her damnedest to convince her doctor that tomorrow was a better option then next week. It was pretty sad because she's in a lot of pain and discomfort, and having to stoop to the level of bribing a doctor just makes my heart pump blood to my lungs so I can giggle a little bit. She offered the man a new Harley, I mean, that's saying something about the level of wear her body has endured.

I got a fire ant bite, don't think I didn't bitch about it for a few days.

Some other good news, Mrs. Austin has a 4.00 so far at Austin Community College. That's right, another semester in the bag. I won't say this semester was harder than the last one, but I will say this time she got a little help. However, going to school and working while pregnant should be outlined in the Geneva Convention.

So imagine you've been flying a transatlantic route and as the flight goes along your chair gets smaller and smaller and the cloth cover starts turning to wood. Now imagine that the last hour of your flight is spent with someone sitting on your chest while someone else punches you in the kidneys. Now imagine that all this will stop once you land, and you now it, and you keep praying for the pilot to come on and tell you something. Just when you think you can't take anymore, the stewardess comes on the PA and says that she's sorry, but traffic is heavy and we'll have to circle for a while. We should be on the ground after another 20 mins of kidney punches.

We just heard the stewardess.

Yay for our side.

Oh, and I was going to post some pictures, but that will have to wait because we've got a few from Mr. and Mrs. Brighton I have to put. Plus I screwed up a picture of LMA's wicked cool castle cake, so I'll have to fix that. In the mean time, enjoy a day at the ball park.

Additional Thoughts

I wanted to update this in case anyone of a political mind is reading (I think maybe there are two.) I would watch for John Kerry to ask Ralph Nader to be his VP. Call me crazy. The conspiracy theorists among us still think Bush will ditch Cheney as his VP and pick up Guliani. What an unstoppable ticket there; a war time president and the hero of 9/11. But I still think Nader would be a good pick up for Kerry. Get the labor endorsements, all the working stiffs, and you're not losing any democratic votes.

Bruno Gianelli eat your heart out.

Nov. 2004

It's hard to find an image of Bush when he's not making a funny face or having his head put on a drag queen's body. Try it.

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