Life At Three

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G-man (known to his parents as Gregory) is a boy. He's just a little boy. He plays with dinosaurs and cars. He chases bugs, digs holes in dirt and runs around sometimes only mostly dressed through sprinklers and sunshine alike. He eats Mac-n-Cheese and drinks milk. He loves Spiderman even though he's never seen a cartoon or read a comic book. His hair is shaggy and fun and his eyes are bright and mischievous. He loves to kick is little green ball.

G-man has a sister who he loves. His big sister is his whole world. He loves to be around her, loves to play with her and loves to pinch her and run away. When he dreams, he dreams of her. She's telling him what to do and he doesn't like it. She's giving him cookies and he loves it. Every little shout when he dreams has her name in it. He loves his sister.

G-man paints and plays little video games and he's a better Wii bowler than his dad. He loves to count things and will stop you long enough to let him count in his own unique way. When you call him a sweet name like "stinker" or "tough guy" or "noodle head" he says, "I'm not Noodle Head. I'm Gregory!" When you tickle him, he has the best giggle in the world.

G-man can eat a full bunch of bananas in one day.

G-man likes punk music, but not rock-n-roll. He likes Cars but not Finding Nemo. He doesn't the movie Aladdin because of the giant cave cat, it's scary. He likes throwing things, like rocks, by flinging them and seeing where they land. His head sweats when he sleeps and he loves his Ka-Chow! (Cars) pajamas.

G-man isn't in a daycare or school yet. He stays at home with mom while she works. We want to soon get him into a preschool so he can make some friends because I think he's got a lot of friendship rocks to throw around. He doesn't sleep in but he falls asleep fairly quickly.

G-man loves water as though he has an innate communal tie to the element.

It's not a birthday, he's not feeling poorly. I just realized that I don't talk much about him outside of what kind of trouble he and his sister get into (which is quite a lot). He's a wonderful child. I couldn't ask for a better son. I'm constantly entertained and....enwondered? by how magical he is.

Carry on.

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