Colleague in Small Press Idol

A wonderful and creative writer D Cox (friend of LIA) has entered Small Press Idol. Here's some information:

I'm in a Small Press Idol competition on Dimestore in the US and could
do with some support.

The project is here

if you like the look of it, or just hate the other entries, and would
like to support it
you can register here

and then every day you remember up until May 4th click on this link
and post 'YES'

you may if you wish customise the YES with a 'goddammit' or an
'indeedy' or whatever takes your fancy but a clear 'YES' is important.

Also if you do like the project could you forward on to anyone else
you know who may be interested.

End of schpeel.

I've done some work for Dan and his work is really amazing. It's wild and trippy and fun and fanciful. Definitely worth some support.

Carry on.

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