How Old Is She?

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Yesterday the kids and I met up with a friend and her son at a park for an afternoon of wearing them out. Her son brought his bike, LMA brought her scooter and G-man brought is big wheel.

I don't remember when it exactly happened, but my friend and LMA had started riding around on the two wheeler. I was shooting hoops at the time, but I look over and LMA is cruising around on two wheels. I feel bad that I wasn't the one that helped her learn it, but it doesn't matter. She was having a blast and spent most of the rest of the day riding around the park.

Of course that meant today I had to take the training wheels off her bike. It's a little small, has sat in the backyard for years and needed to be cleaned and oiled, but she was off like a bolt when it was done. Well, a bolt that's a bit wobbly and tends to squeak and squeal when it gets a little out of control.

This also means that I have to go shopping before her birthday.

I've never seen her go away from me so fast. I was laughing to keep from tearing up.

Carry on.

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